VST MyoDynamic® Device

pic_vst_1.jpgWhen you
experience muscle, tendon or other soft tissue injuries as a result of
overuse or trauma, pain is caused by swelling and pressure on the
nerve fibers in the area. The VST MyoDynamic® device helps
stimulate the injured area and has been shown to increase blood
circulation 8-10 times the normal circulation level. The increased
blood circulation helps remove the edema (swelling) and reduce
pressure on the nerve fibers, giving you pain relief.

Unlike a TENS unit (which temporarily blocks the pain without
improving the muscle condition), treatment with the VST is curative by
improving the condition of the injured tendons or nerve fibers.

Treatment Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits VST treatment provides:

  • Increased local blood circulation
  • Removes edema/swelling
  • Muscle re-education
  • Prevention of disuse atrophy
  • Increases range of motion
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation
  • Reduces Post Surgical Complications The unique wave technology of
    the MyoDynamic Treatment Device appears to overcome the natural
    inhibitory arc imposed by the body during injury or trauma. This
    unique feature allows for the recruitment of deep muscle tissue in
    the injured area without discomfort. The deep penetration accounts
    for significantly increased blood flow derived from the unlocking of
    the capillary and lymph systems or nerve fibers.

This means faster recovery for you, the patient.

pic_vst_2.gifThe VST
MyoDynamic® Device uses a highly unique, customized waveform,
achieving maximum comfort during treatment. The waveform alternates
the direction of the flow of current between the electrodes thus
reducing the accumulation of ions and the resulting irritation. The
VST delivers this waveform through high quality state-of-the-art low
distortion circuitry. This allows for comfortable recruitment of
target tissues at higher current amplitude.

Defining Quality

The VST MyoDynamic Device has unique characteristics that
differentiate it from other electrotherapy units:

  • Pure Alternating Biphasic Zero-Net-Charge Sinusoid Waveform
  • The VST generates one of the cleanest high-quality signals of any
    electrotherapy device on the market today, ensuring both patient
    comfort and safety. This waveform allows patients to experience a
    more thorough contraction and increased levels of circulation. It
    also means patients can undergo longer, more frequent treatments.
  • The VST uses a custom micro controller to produce its waveform and
    control the intensity, which reaches a maximum of 50 milliamps. The
    application of this advance digital technology produces a unique low
    distortion waveform that allows for recruitment of the injured
    muscle(s) without causing pain and tissue irritation to the patient.
    Therapeutically, this customized waveform appears to overcome the
    natural inhibitory arc imposed by the body during injury or trauma.
    It allows deep penetration for significant increase in blood flow
    derived from unlocking the capillary and lymph systems, resulting in
    tremendous movement of edema fluid. The removal of edema fluid brings
    reduction in swelling and pain. The result is a treatment that is
    both effective and comfortable. The patient is able to continue
    treatment for a duration of 60 minutes, which is sufficient time for
    electrochemical and electrophysical changes to occur in the tissues.
  • The VST is a 4-channel device. Each channel is isolated, meaning
    they operate independently of each other. This allows for the
    treatment of multiple sites at one time or a more comprehensive
    treatment for one area.