Corns and calluses

Corns and calluses are hard skin areas that the body develops to protect irritated areas of the foot.

These hard skin lesions usually occur around enlargements of bone which occur as various bumps on the foot. These bumps may be on the top of the toe, bottom of the foot, between the toes and on the side of the foot.

corns and callusesThe corns and calluses form on the skin to keep the skin from becoming an open sore due to pressure or friction against the bone. However, when the hard skin becomes too thick you will often have pain.

Trimming the hard skin areas and applying pads usually will give you only temporary relief. The underlying bone problem must be addressed to get relief and stop the corns and calluses from forming. Pads that include harsh chemical or drops that contain acid should be avoided. They can cause burns and are dangerous to those with diabetes and poor circulation.

Custom arch supports can help many of these conditions. The orthotics help to realign the foot and slow the progression of foot deformities. Deformities such as bunions, hammertoes and protruding bones on the ball of the foot can often have callused areas. With orthotic devices, these deformities can be relieved of pressure. You may also benefit from periodic reduction of the hard skin and padding. Surgery may be an excellent long-term solution to relieving these painful areas.

There are simple procedures that can be done in the podiatrists office to relief your corns and calluses and stop your pain. These procedures are performed through a small opening in the skin and the enlarged bone areas are smoothed.

If you have corns or callouses, call Advanced Podiatry in Tampa to discuss your treatment options to relieve your pain and allow you to return to your activities.