Tiger Woods’ Injury of Lower Extremity

As many of us are aware, Tiger Woods suffered a traumatic injury to his lower extremity following a car crash on February 23, 2021. These types of high impact injuries call for emergent attention and result in a lengthy recovery. We watched the rehab process NFL Quarterback Alex Smith endured to make an impressive come […]

Tim Tebow Sprains His Ankle

Tim Tebow’s road to the major leagues hit a slight bump in the road over the weekend. The greatest college football player of all time injured himself after stepping on a sprinkler head on Sunday morning. This resulted in a slightly sprained left ankle that’s being described as a “minor injury.” He is listed as […]

Top 3 Super Bowl Ads of 2018

I have to say that this Super Bowl was one for the books! The trick plays, missed field goals, and perfectly executed sacks are going to be forever highlighted for years to come. My hat goes off to the Philadelphia Eagles for their perseverance in achieving the title World Champions! But if you are like […]