Video – Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus is a common problem causing discolored, thick and yellowish brown discoloration of the nails. Fungus is a living organism that also causes athlete’s foot on the skin. The type of fungus on the foot typically will only affect the skin and nails. Early treatment is important to keep the infection from spreading and causing other secondary infections.

Hi. This is Dr. Katz from Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, and we want to talk today

about a common condition that we see in our office and that is toenail fungus.

So we’ve talked previously about fungus and that is an organism that’s unrelated

to bacteria or a virus. It is a small organism that is alive. It is actually related to

mold and yeast, and even mushrooms and things like that. It really is a skin and

nail infection.

So the infection does get into your nail and the skin underneath the nail, and

then you get what is known as onychomycosis. In the past, there have been

remedies such as cream and liquid and those worked minimally. There have

been pills and there are pills currently that are used, but they can cause

problems with your liver. So you do have to have your blood tested to make

sure you’re not getting any liver damage. Then the most advanced current

option is laser, and this is something we’ve been doing in our office for about

four years. Laser is an excellent tool and treatment for your toenail fungus.

While nothing is 100%, we’re getting excellent results at clearing the fungus, but

more importantly, we’ve developed a program that actually helps you maintain

the infection and maintain the clearing of the nail not only from the start of

treatment of the fungal laser but also throughout the treatment and after the

treatment. You don’t want to go to somebody and just have them hit it with a

laser one time and say, “See you.” It’s a waste of money, honestly.

So what you need to do is to come see us, and what we do is we will give you

multiple treatments and we are also going to make sure that we have a full

maintenance comprehensive plan that keeps you from not only redeveloping the

fungal infection. It keeps everything away and keeps it under a much better

control, and this is very important in order to get the best treatment. We’ve

refined our treatment over four years. It’s an excellent treatment and I urge you

to take care of your fungal nails and using laser is an excellent option. You can

reach us at 813-875-0555 and our main site is For our

laser toenail fungus site, you can to All one word, Thanks and have a great day.